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Stab High 2020

Written by URBNSURF   |  February 20th, 2020

Stab High is coming to Melbourne on March 21st.

On March 21, 2020, Vans Stab High presented by Monster will take place at URBNSURF Melbourne, Australia’s first surf park. As always, spectators are encouraged to attend, but there will also be a live broadcast on www.stabhigh.com for those with crippling social anxiety or an extreme moral bent.

That’s because all pay-per-view and ticket sales will be donated to Greening Australia, a group who specialize in treeplanting and carbon offset initiatives. It’s Stab’s contribution after the devastating fires that hit Australia the past few months.

The ethos of Stab High is simple: a fun, progressive, and brutally honest surfing event that doesn’t take all day. This year, Stab High will run from around 12 pm to 6 pm AEST.

Not only will Stab High 3.0 be on a different continent, but it’ll also be in a different wave tank. URBNSURF uses Wavegarden’s Cove technology, which is completely different from the technology employed in Waco, Texas. This means a totally new, never-before-seen ramp will be on display in the event.

And who created this novel launch pad? Well, that would be the 2019 Stab High winner, Chippa Wilson, Stab’s bowl-headed pal, Harry Bryant, and the original chlorine don, Dion Agius (with the help of Wavegarden’s crack engineering team).

This brings us to the competitors list. For the time being, only five official names will be listed: Harry Bryant, Noa Deane, Matt Meola, Eithan Osborne, and Dion Agius. The rest of the surfers will be revealed as the event date gets closer.

And lest we forget everyone’s favorite flygirls, the valiant Ladybirds, who will be making their return in Melbourne, hosted by Vans ambassador Hanna Scott. The first Ladybirds event winner, Sierra Kerr, will also be there to defend her title against yet-to-be-named she-pilots.

Stab’s proud to announce that Vans is coming back as the headline sponsor of Stab High in 2020. This means a return of the Vans Acid Drop, hosted by Nathan Fletcher, in which surfers attempt to jump from the top of the pool’s concrete wall straight onto a wave.

On Friday, March 20th, the night before Stab High, Vans will be premiering Wade Goodall’s critically-acclaimed surf film, “Pentacoastal”, in Melbourne. Stay tuned for details.

Monster Energy has also continued their support of Stab High, and keeping tradition from last year’s event, they’re adamant that we penalize surfers for claiming. Winners must also forfeit all prize money to a charity of their choice if they’re chaired up the beach.

Monster will reward the highest air of the event with the “Monster Air” award, which includes a check for USD$20k. The winner of the event will take home USD$25k.

This year’s event will be judged by a team of high-profile, not quite over-the-hill aerialists, with Stab’s resident surf nerd Michael Ciaramella acting as head judge. Stab’ll also be implementing their simple, whole-numbers-only style of judging again in 2020.

This brings us to the judges’ harshest critics: the commentators. The court-side chatterbox will once again be occupied by Vaughan Blakey, Todd Richards, and several colourful mystery guests.

Speaking of colour, German artist Stefan Marks will be adorning URBNSURF Melbourne with all kinds of creative oddities, including the competitors’ jerseys, the concert venue, and the pool’s retaining wall. He’ll also join us for the event!

Food, drinks, and exclusive event merchandise will be made available for Melbourne event-goers. All ages are welcome and you’re allowed to surf in The Bays during the event, too!

Tickets are available now via https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/stab-high-an-international-surfing-contest-in-melbourne-tickets-95535339773.

We hope to see you there.

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